They say you aren’t being true to the self
If you haven’t made up more foes
Foster love in my solitude to get well
With each day, I have metamorphosed
They’re more focused on how you’d succumb but keep sane
Not everyone’s fortunate enough to feel pain
Sometimes all we need is somebody to listen
You’re not complaining, they just can’t relate to you
We all have wounds, but not everybody can kiss them
So don’t look for anyone else to elate your mood
Keep patience too, because time will wear you thin
Just refuse to carry it
Stay derobed of the past tense
Yet, clothed in the present
All while facing the future bare naked
So find what adjustment is
Is it to fit inside of you or inside a group?
People would die to be them, just to live
A custom kit for a custom kid
With a quality of life solely sewn by one’s love, self-wealth
While some lose their breath trying to run from themselves
So before you go chasing waterfalls
Dive wholly into the one thing wonderful
Water, full moons and the sun, all the rhythm you need
Let in love and its riveting cool breeze
So feel at ease, you don’t have to compete
And be at peace, you’re not half, you’re complete
Whatever you believe in, make it useful action
Giving back with your views in practice, I mean true compassion
Learn touch from the abandoned, who’ve never been closer
Get my shoes from the elderly, my shoulders from soldiers
Let their experience prove as some help to me
Speech from music and melodies
Learn hearing from the silent, have taste from the starved
Have imaginations of a child, learn grace from the harmed
But remain as attached as a bracelet or charm
And remember that all beautiful faces have scars
Then love with the persistence of a river
Enter you, with the presence of a shiver
See through the eyes of a storm
Have the sight of those who cried
Earn appreciation of life from those who died
Like a mountain, slowly positioning myself
Like a fountain, always revisiting myself
With full arms out, embody the charity of a tree
Longevity, the prosperity of the heal
I wrote this poem for you
A folded note
A jewel, enclosed

A. Hymn, Renewal

Running and roaming roads
No arms to run in
But still a rose that arose form nothing

Tag along hear the story of mishaps and wrongs
A vagabond dragging fond memories and afterthoughts
Last through long bouts of disengagement
Distant yet craving visitation
Traveled through clouds, fog, and doubt
Traveled through droughts, precipitation
Evolved through shrouds of mist with patience
A life of trials and tribulations
The sound of tepid trepidation in the forest
Foreign but here now, the gift of pacing
Village to village, gazing stars at night
Heart at plight to a solemn, airy, cold
Solitary road, carry the song of every war
Yet, I start to like the impartial life
Never start a fight, it isn’t hard to hide far from sight
Perched on a pike, parched but a pint of water is all I need
Outlawed but free, my true nature is calling me
The art of isolation is part of my vocation
Sharpen my own blade, then carve in my whole name
In this bark, thwarting my location
Sleepless, but the night won’t say it
A deep-hearted insomniac
Departed from my party, pardon me
I will not be some property, probably attached
To letting society make a part of me sad
So find home in this honesty
Or find holes in dishonesty
Heedful, I hold as the keeper of my own cards
My own karma
My drama, my dharma
Dart off deeper into the dark
No more middlemen, no more minions
No more a missionary to the military
From men, from many, I mind, I marched
A mile, with a martyr’s might to master myself
A modern knight, a ronin
Running and roaming roads
No arms to run in
But still a rose that arose form nothing

A. Hymn, Ronin

Perfection is such a limiting burden we place on ourselves. It requires us, our efforts, and our outcomes to be absolute. Being absolute brings us to an end. A plateau with no opening to be free; to just be. Striving to an end keeps us from greatness; when truly, we are endless. We are capable of so much more than we ever give ourselves credit. More than we can ever visualize, idealize, fathom… Absolutely perfect, to me, means totally void of freedom, beauty. So, if we’re always trying, how can we be? You are opportunity. Flourish.

Facing forward, feelings forged free from fear
I always figured I’m different, but accepted it
I went to the brink, I felt finished, at the end of it
When in the midst of a mental fit
Not a whisper to vent a whim
Not even an ear to listen and tell me it’s… fine
To tell me just why?
Yet… so timid, when conflicted I tend to sit, and think
Til I felt in sync with my temperament
Til I could challenge cold winters, and elements
Plates of cold dinners with emptiness
But now my sole wish your is your benefit…
That no one limits your excellence…
Sheer hope for the individual
The most simplest of sentiments
With the effect to ripple through everything
To the core of the stiff and insensitive
To show you the difference from a dimple and a detriment
When it gets dim and you’re pressed against the wall
That test again gets hard, doing your best yet you still fall
To being convinced this is the best it gets
Well there is no gift like the presence
So just give it some precedence
Get rid of the guilt and the penitence
No more poor feelings, pour up…
This is the beginning to better things
Now drink! Sip in replenishment
Witness your genesis, feel lifted, entrenched with bliss
Bathe under the cloudburst
Give every moment, and now worth
Without hurt we’d never see rain the same
To wash it all away and feel pain escape
Breathe day-to-day, whether hassled or hurt
Drastic, overt panic, or just the damaged incurred
As things happen, recur, they can easily vanish
And be easily vanquished, so therefore
I must understand this occurs…
As I live, and leave my life in the hands of this world…
And it’s within our locus
Where we develop the courage
No longer enveloped, we flourish
Open like a lotus
And it’s inside where we¬†flourish
Let life keep us nourished
As we remain open like a lotus

A. Hymn, Lotus: Flourish

I met a sage, just a man who’d give his life to us all
He gave me some advice, so I listened as we talked
He said: if you keep loving your life, then love never stops
Til someday we’re all old, we’ll look back and we’ll watch
He said “I have so much to tell you, just so much to say
And I hope you can hear me out, before you go on your way”

He said “our spirits are infinite
And if it isn’t, I’ll spare you the intimacy
When you find your direction, don’t be smothered
In order to flourish, you must be grounded
Not showered
Not in the possession of another
That’s not protection from a lover
That’s just suppression
Obsession, but it’s covered”
I asked him if he was fearful of tomorrow
He said he couldn’t tell me his next location
But to keep asking, and never to follow
Because certainty stops exploration
“So love today because there is much to say
Keep those close more than apprised
Your brain tells you hold it inside
The mind knows not what the heart does
And that pain is what will show you’re alive
So go ahead, go and roar if you cry”
Between the before and after
When those times meet
Is where life breathes
It only takes one letter for pace
To find
He told me to feel the flowing downpour
To embrace as it hits
“Happiness is what you should be slowing down for”
To never chase after it
“So begin living by your own claims
Then you’ll be the last one to vilify your own name
Be the last to judge
Matter of fact
Be the last you judge
Don’t fight yourself for others to gain
Losing you just to win them over is nothing to praise”
He said to bow to all those who warrant you
Because respect and attention should always be affordable
And if there is ever a box in which they corner you
Let that inner voice be your form of truth
And if I have something to say, “to make sure you mean it
Whether loud or soft, not to cower off”
To make there be meaning
He said if there’s anything I lose sight of
Never to let it be what I live for
He told me to “love despite love”
And that I won’t understand that quote until I get old
But I know I’ll never forget today
Because today…

I met a sage, just a man who’d give his life to us all
He gave me some advice, so I listened as we talked
He said: if you keep loving your life, then love never stops
Til someday we’re all old, we’ll look back and we’ll watch

A. Hymn, Conversation