They say we can only have a moment
Because of the ones before this
Everything I say
I want to feel
I want to own it
They say if a moment goes by in an instant
We’ve overlooked just how much it has given
That right now is the birth
More valuable than yesterday’s worth
So how could anything we ever say hurt
Because this moment can pass
But it could last us even longer
Have us laughing even harder
Yet you want to go back to tweak the outcome
Look at that
Looking back
Moments I wish I chose
Moments I wish I spoke
Moments I wish I rose
Moments I could have turned away
Were all necessary for me to turn this way
Where the only lesson learned is fate
That buying time is just another way to say
That we don’t want to be hurt today
See the window for love and life could not be more open
And at the same time constantly closing
We always say when the time is right
Well this is the right time
It shouldn’t feel like atonement
Picture your life in the night sky
How the stars have aligned
So when the heart wants to speak
And when your soul wants to live
Nothing compares
Nothing’s important
You’ve been living for this
So be in the moment

A. Hymn, Kairos

Imagine a bird beaten by the turmoils of a cruel, cold world; laying on the sidewalk with broken wings. You take it home, and despite its hardships, it trusts you to help heal and rehabilitate. Nurtured with your compassion: Do you keep it caged from ever being hurt by this world again — safe with you? Or do you let it envelop into its own beauty — flying away?

A. Hymn

As the scales of Libra struggle for balance
I wonder how long it will take before I come to a vantage
One side tips and I become supple from panic
But the fruits of loving life allow me to trust in the damage
Yet I know that to juggle my chances is such a gullible gambit
Topsy-turvy; I now understand why the world struts on an axis
Passion and commitment keep one to live up to their actions
Despite the turbulent, suffering, onerous clashes
I thought about taking the easy way out
Returning to my old self, giving right into lustful advances
Drown in self-indulgence, soaking wet in greed
See it’s hard to find order when life has its set decrees
But the only law to set me free
Is to strive for acceptance — so everything is the best to me
But how can I tell if the universe has reciprocated the best for me
When I offer the best of me?
So after all the tears and a coarse voice
I begin to reflect on what makes a poor choice
Since the bad merits the good
And tomorrow needs us to hope for joy
As misfortune and pain easily coax the coy

And to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves
Remember to wash away the stains once in a while
No matter how much harder you bleed
Because there’s so much more to a comfortable smile

A. Hymn, Bittersweet

As a loner, I figure I detach too loosely
Yet a passionate fool, I attach to music
Writer’s craft to prove it in prose and notes
I suppose due to my past I lack some soothing
So I have to do it, practice prudence
Every word is a path of fluid thought
Poems – a bath of lucid raw passion truth and posh
So don’t tell me I have to act in congruence
To your damaging loser cause
I pack my own tools, the brawn
Rational school of heart, lax to the smoothest harps
When you unravel the spool of art
Find intricacy, while the silver lining’s a world lie
See life through my third eye
Meditation, lotus posing as time stops
Motivated by sadness and cry, why stop?
There could be more than what is on my plate
Look at this world, a horizontal eight
Binoculars have me distant to the present
I could close my eyes and start living in an instant
Then limit my wording, exhibit I heard it
Mimic, interpret to optimize my learning
Void of material objects, experience profits of giving
Opulence living in me, flowing, simply oceanic
Harmonized with rhythm, the symbiosis avid
I do everything by right and amusement
For me to write is my musing
For me to write is my musing
I do everything by right and amusement

A. Hymn, Muse