i am constantly reminded. in a world split between givers and takers. it is easy to fall into the habit of giving. feeling ashamed to take. ask. want. i have always thought balance is key. yet i can admit being reluctant in practicing it. but in order for our spirit and livelihood to thrive. we must be able to tip the scales for ourselves. with all that you have given to the world. always remember to take back. better yet. give back. for this world owes you nothing. except you do.

your love. your time. your energy. your attention. are your true currency. it is always nice to spend. just never. ever. forget to give back. love.

A. Hymn || be there for others and be here for yourself

your absence is not distance. you have simply traveled too far from home. sometimes you just need to return to yourself for a while. and sometimes you are not sure how long you will stay. and that is okay. your patience will bring you more strength. more courage. more spirit. to go further from the island than you could ever imagine. but only once you are ready to leave again. it is your journey. your paradise. your home.

A. Hymn || getaway

i have enrolled myself onto a new journey. a journey of self-discipline. i see no destination. no end to this journey. yet i see where i do not want to be. i will no longer expect to improve when i am in the mood. i will improve because it is my duty. not because i want to. because i have to. on this journey i may take on many forms before i reach finality. totality. balance. i am no longer afraid of the distance between here versus there. or now versus then. i see no destination. no end to this journey. yet i see where i do not want to be. as my rhythm changes. i live to continue singing my own song. moving to the beat of my drum.

A. Hymn || a shell of what I once was