They say the best way to prove yourself wrong is to jump when you aren’t ready — and I believe that. Hesitation is finding yourself between two paths. There’s the path you are already on, and then there’s the path of uncertainty. Always remember there was once a time where you didn’t know where you’d end up. Always remember where you are as much as you remember where you came from. You are here only because you were once there. So jump.

A. Hymn || just go

adjust the frequencies you send. adjust the vibrations you receive. adjust the rhythms you dance to. feel the current. the waves. listen out for incoming signals. listen out for what is already here. listen out for yourself. you don’t always need to do better. but you will always need compassion and patience for yourself. so just strive to do your best.

take time to speak with yourself. seek counsel. seek refuge. seek sanctuary. within.

rest. recover. revive. rebound. and continue to walk.

A. Hymn || recalibrate

i’ve come to take life
as a series of choices
and letting go.

diving for truth,
and rising for air.

or to simply fly
in search of a place to land.

choosing when — is how life becomes so much more than just timing. because there will be moments in life where you’ll feel pushed to embrace and pulled to let go. and none of it will make sense. and you can never be truly ready. you can only accept. you can only dance.

A. Hymn || the musicality of life

time could always escape us
but we’ll always be right here
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
but in the end
we’ll always be right here
right here

look around
the world is right where it should be
in our palms
and never on your shoulders
because we look better in control
so let’s spare what could be
and remain in song
while the night gets older

nothing could bring us to ruin
when our aloneness brings us closer
to love
to communion
see this is how supernovas come to be
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
so far from the end
we’ll always be here
right here

even if time escapes us
we’ll always be right here
we’ll always be right here

A. Hymn || light years