take the time to truly applaud yourself. you are here today. meaning you have come a long way. your self-love is only multiplied when committed to yourself. you are abundance in it self. you are light in it self. you are peace in it self. forward is the only way to move. don’t worry about what you leave behind — cherish how far you’ve come. forget possessions for a moment and hold yourself. applaud yourself.

A. Hymn || standing ovation

I’m not afraid of loneliness
I just don’t want to only give
There’s a clear difference
Maybe that’s why my conscious is hellbent on holding me in
My inner child pining to grow up
Hoping any pain and wounds sewn up
Always learned to see people for who they are when they fail to show up
But I rather pretend to not know much
Self-effacing with the ability to highlight others
Accustomed to the background
I’m not a limelight lover
A social type
Enticed by reluctance
Yet enticed by the type of substance I can feel
So I write to feel
So I write to heal
All in the same breath
Until there isn’t a single page left
Then continue to live
Until there isn’t a single day left

A. Hymn || outlook

when it comes to life
and all i thought i understood
i learned most things that looked good from far
are normally far from good

eyes set where the farthest stood
write and bleed everything an artist would
at a turning point of no return
doing anything a martyr could
counter full of ingredients
and yet it’s hard to cook

one step after the other…
i actually wonder
do these self-talks work?
beginning to see the world for what it is
for what it is worth i could tell you that love exists
in the people
their smiles
their gestures
and despite all the pressure
you are never truly lost at sea
you will always have the sun and moon
in fact
you are that bright
you are that beam
you are your hope
never forget that
never forget it

A. Hymn || checkpoint