lightning storms
inner conflicts and fighting wrongs
finding myself caught between right or love
right being everything i know to be fair to me
love being all that i share and my sheer empathy
giving without noticing it empty me
often in front of myself my own biggest enemy

introverted choosing peace than to expend my reserves
rather keep to myself when i observe
that’s why you hardly ever hear me vent my concerns
there’s no destination where complaints get me
so i’m focused on my patience in exchange for complacency

there happens to be so much of this world waiting outside for me
risks for the sake of my growth are waiting outside of me
yet i’m still having difficulties taking a jump
there haven’t been many hands in my life to have guided me
so for every milestone
i’ve celebrated them privately

faded memories of the kid that is me
nothing but holes in my childhood
i try to wear it every now and then but it doesn’t fit me
i’ve come to find out that for as much as people take
it’s the universe that will give me
and it’s the universe that is with me

A. Hymn || 8/28/2016

another breath
another step
but facing a different direction

another quest
another guess
but there’s a different lesson

same heart
same mind
but craving different connections

living detached is how i spend my days
learning to step back when friends step away
solitude just means getting close to yourself
i’ve noticed those who always chose to give
tend to keep the most to themselves
so let self-love be your coat and your wealth

A. Hymn || love is there; love is in you

i will be light no matter what my day wants to be
aware of my flaws and mistakes that may come from me
i figure i’m human no matter what i shape up to be
ready to face every part of the friendship and not fake it
i’d rather give you the advantage and not take it
seeing your fragility and not break it
holding a bottle of mixed feelings and not shake it

A. Hymn || presence in the name of love

love only exists in the muses i’ve felt it through
exhausting every bit of my senses for a breath of truth
life has been cold but i’m weatherproof
writing is my right to expression
it’s my rite to expression
the only thing i feel compelled to do

an outlier that once used to feel average
now traversing a path struggling to keep balance
becoming more at home when there were times that i had left
becoming much more strong
ever since i picked up the piles of my baggage
unstoppable and focused
not riled or angered
just looking for ways to fuel all this drive and my passion
while forgiving the most and forgetting to boast
i’ve learned humility lives in those who comply with compassion
sometimes we want the easy reasons to walk away
looking for all the signs of goodbyes in their actions
you can put your pride aside since your ego’s size doesn’t matter

when it comes to love
you can always choose between two things
to fight and combat
to find and come back

A. Hymn || 7/31/2016

together we’ve struggled for twenty-four years
while your entire life you’ve survived many more years
we’ve come a long way despite our shortcomings
our growing pains
the sore loving
but my intuition tells me there is more coming
retribution for something
retribution from another life
answers for all the times we wondered why
absolve all the pain and watered eyes that want to cry

i’m certain we’ll live to see our dreams later in life
yet loneliness at a young age
hasn’t always made me a team player at times
but i’m doing my best to help you sleep greater at night
just know that

A. Hymn || unspoken words