nothing much in this world
that could prevent me from hurting
besides this art — it gives myself reassurance
fear is what kept me from earthing
fear is what kept me from birthing
but i know the universe has dealt me a purpose
naive at times wishing i had a clue
now there is nothing i’d rather do
i can’t eat my cake and have it too
yet i find myself loving things as they are
while lusting for more
i do best to keep an optimist’s attitude
everything lost is met often with gratitude

take the time to sit your heart and listen to all its blues
you’ll find everything comes back to you in solitude
and when things get hard and pressure develops
i remember why i’m here
and show my messaged enveloped
in hopes to release
all the pain that ever made a tear drop
in hopes to bring peace
to every thought and make your fears stop
i’m not here for worthy impressions
i’m here to see that my journey successes
despite the times fear has brought me to a cold stop
i’ll remain driven — even if the road stops


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