my whole life I thought when I’d grow up
my mom would die from work
seeing her work so hard made me shy from work
meanwhile she’d cry for me
I’d cry for her as she cried at work
missing her so bad I cried for her
now here I am reaping her fruits
ding my best to let her know that I’d die for her
and rather die with her
before I ever die from work

a troubled kid of a single mother
doomed by double shifts
accustomed to the distance
thinking this is as good as loving gets
hoping one day that something gives
and then it did…
you got a promotion
moving up to a director role
all the time you put in to protect your own
this is our chance to resurrect our home
never thought I’d see us together alone
under the same roof
and I have gratitude now because I chose to never let go
so let’s see how far these blessings can go

after twenty-plus years
feeling as if nothing could come between us here
you are the happiest you’d ever been
this joy you deserve it
for all your days of working
and all that pain from hurting
that’s why these days there’s nothing for you I wouldn’t purchase
I’d give you the world
because you are worth it

@anthonyhymn || we’ve come a long way, mom

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