Serving as my anchor, values I live by day-to-day. These are not set rules for myself as I am only human; they keep me grounded in knowing what I wish to bring to the world.

Compassion. I will practice compassionate, non-judgment; appreciation of every being, all life, and the world around me. With that will come acceptance and the ability to forgive all those that enter and exit my life. I will appreciate all those I cross paths with. Most importantly, to cultivate self-awareness, I will practice compassion towards myself.

Love. I will practice projecting, and understanding love. The energy that I give to others, as equally as I do myself. Knowing and embodying that love is the opposite of fear. I will allow myself to be free where my ego is far removed from my actions. Where my motivations and intentions stem from love, not fear. I will live in love.

Expression. I will practice communication and above all exertion of myself towards the outer world. I will balance listening with speech, and articulate what is necessary and most importantly, when; straying from gossip, lies, and any other form of toxic speech. I will also heed to, and accept the expression and vulnerability of others; validating the love in others.

Most of all I must remind myself that I am only human.

I hope you enjoy my blog and can find a piece of yourself within my poetry! Much peace and love to you all.


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