As the scales of Libra struggle for balance
I wonder how long it will take before I come to a vantage
One side tips and I become supple from panic
But the fruits of loving life allow me to trust in the damage
Yet I know that to juggle my chances is such a gullible gambit
Topsy-turvy; I now understand why the world struts on an axis
Passion and commitment keep one to live up to their actions
Despite the turbulent, suffering, onerous clashes
I thought about taking the easy way out
Returning to my old self, giving right into lustful advances
Drown in self-indulgence, soaking wet in greed
See it’s hard to find order when life has its set decrees
But the only law to set me free
Is to strive for acceptance — so everything is the best to me
But how can I tell if the universe has reciprocated the best for me
When I offer the best of me?
So after all the tears and a coarse voice
I begin to reflect on what makes a poor choice
Since the bad merits the good
And tomorrow needs us to hope for joy
As misfortune and pain easily coax the coy

And to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves
Remember to wash away the stains once in a while
No matter how much harder you bleed
Because there’s so much more to a comfortable smile

A. Hymn, Bittersweet

calm your heart, close your eyes
rest those sleepless tears of yours

to you
i hope this song speaks
i see you giving
yet living with unresolved grief
i can see your mind is running
yet everything in you
wishes the world to stop
don’t you give up
you are worth the shot

calm your heart, close your eyes
rest those sleepless tears of yours

time and time again
you let your vices defeat you
then the cycle repeats
struggling to find someone
who will come by and recognize
your silenced demeanor
as if there’s a price on your features
hoping on all the pretty things you buy
to liken your feelings
enlighten the seething
despite all the searing pain
you’re drained
and want somebody to see it

calm your heart, close your eyes
rest those sleepless tears of yours

your luck is lost
i know you never wanted to test the roulette
shot by life’s revolver too many times
so when you feel like the odds are against you
you prove it
and when circumstances are grave
you’re only willing to take certain chances
feeling forever cursed by habits
would you shoot for love
if that one person has it
you are hurt but haven’t healed
so distance is just a distraction
it’s just a passive shield
but sooner or later you’ll be gone from this moment
looking back surprised you were ever even standing here

calm your heart, close your eyes
rest those sleepless tears of yours

A. Hymn, Sleepless Tears

Once upon a time
There was a boy
Fearing the world
Who locked himself in a cage
Throwing away the key
Growing up trapped
No one ever stepping in
Him never stepping out
As he peers out into life around him
Admires the life outside him

Hoping for someone to return with a key
Everyday he switches
He wonders
What it’s like to be free
What it’s like to have someone inside with him

Is he caged at home
If home is his cage?

As a child on the inside
If he leaves
Is he grown?

A. Hymn, The Boy In The Cage

I always considered the race to the center of myself a sport
Introspection, finding what I self explore
See I’m howling to the moon…
Everything I’ve written is all I dare or ever cared to say
Most of my thoughts I couldn’t tell you where they came
Often struggled, the troubles of showing the bigger picture in its frame
Pinned the timid kid, what’s in his brain?
That savant that sat all by himself quiet
Quiet just a little bit for his age
At least that’s what they’d say, and still do
Was it meant to be if they were memories? Because I’d still too
Twisting things into wickers, into braids
But I’m howling to the moon…
Maybe I’m lying to myself
Maybe I convinced myself I found peace
Just so I wouldn’t have to make sense of everything around me
I’m just howling to the moon…
Because maybe what’s been different is the same
I’m talking about feeling misdirected, feeling disconnected
Images in disarray
Not just the things I couldn’t relay to you
But thinking I couldn’t relate to you
Not just us getting along, but me getting up lost
Now this isn’t a cry for help
Haven’t you ever wanted to ask why yourself?
So hear me howling to the moon…
I’m not saying I ever had the feeling I’m gifted
But growing up I could always see that I’m different
Being a kid and wanting to read with such interest
Described as a lucid intuitive thinker, keen with a vision
Insisted in becoming my own counsel
Howling to the moon…
Debunking my own doubts til I see what’s in me
Deep I am found in my spirituality, my essence, its energies
Projecting the best of me, nothing less than the nth degree
Until your entity empties me
I figured if it isn’t stress, it’s replenishing
Then again I can close off, standoff
Yet they’re requesting my presence, depend on me
But I’m howling to the moon…
My state of being is everything I’m questioning
Lost in my own world, questioning everything
The weight of waiting intensively, its density
Anchored by answers I don’t have
Fragmented thoughts, rhythms, this notepad
Separating a closed path and the close path
An anxious statue, shivering still — a cold bath
But still howling to the moon…
The sounds as a wolf grieves
Emotions worn over this hood and sleeve
Betwixt and between boldface lies and cowering from the truth
Towering from a stoop, searching
But still…
Howling to the moon…

A. Hymn, A Wolf’s Cry