now unveiling feelings that pretend to be
the feelings that can fake
matured to where i’m aware of the energies that can take
more concerned for myself
i have my reservations
setting boundaries to stand by preservation
just to avoid falling victim to love’s precarious seasons
love can make you fall for various reasons
that don’t seem apparent in person
love can make you a daring person
love can make you a caring person
love can even make you think you can repair a person
when being there for a person
doesn’t mean everywhere for a person
because being there for yourself
allows you to be anywhere for a person
allows you to be a better pair with a person
as i was once told
love should be fair and full of purpose

A. Hymn || boundaries in love & attachment

i suppose life can even make wise men fools
see i never once felt i could confide in you
maybe it’s the distance
maybe it’s a disconnect
but despite all the things that i’ve been through
i’ve got so many words to say
and it’s just myself that i write them to
while your actions make me reconsider what nice friends do

yet i reconsider love and second chances
just one more song to get a second dance in
hopefully once the music stops things will balance
maybe then thinking about you wouldn’t make me anxious
just know i don’t worry because i’m scared
i worry because i care

A. Hymn || just know

letting go doesn’t have to mean abandonment. detachment. separation. we refer to these ideas when we focus on the past. focusing on the now means to open up space for new energies in your life. letting go is often perceived as distancing yourself from the toxic. the old. when it should mean remaining present. open. receptive. receptive to what is on the way.

A. Hymn || how i’ve learned not to fixate