one of the beauties in life is how we are all unique in spirit. yet our connections to each other reveal how similar our lives are lived. the roads we’ve traveled. the stops we’ve made. our successes. our failures. our feelings. our tastes. the world becomes smaller when we search for those commonalities. the world becomes a much warmer place to live.

A. Hymn || love can make the world a warm place

time could always escape us
but we’ll always be right here
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
but in the end
we’ll always be right here
right here

look around
the world is right where it should be
in our palms
and never on your shoulders
because we look better in control
so let’s spare what could be
and remain in song
while the night gets older

nothing could bring us to ruin
when our aloneness brings us closer
to love
to communion
see this is how supernovas come to be
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
so far from the end
we’ll always be here
right here

even if time escapes us
we’ll always be right here
we’ll always be right here

A. Hymn || light years

Finding love has nothing to do with the appearance of someone in comparison to others. Nor is it about their apparent beauty either. It’s about how beautiful that person becomes the more you get to know them, the deeper you get to know them. We’re lucky to find something rare and hidden in someone’s soul. We find love in how someone can unfold in front of our eyes and our eyes only.

A. Hymn || finding love, literally

your obsession for aesthetics
shouldn’t keep you from diving
into the depths of someone’s soul
in fact
it should compel you
to explore
to delve
even if you think you’ve reached the bottom
find every pearl
find every shipwreck
because beauty lies in the undiscovered
it lies in the unmarked
it lies in the uncovered
it lies in the unloved

A. Hymn, Don’t Ever Surface