letting go doesn’t have to mean abandonment. detachment. separation. we refer to these ideas when we focus on the past. focusing on the now means to open up space for new energies in your life. letting go is often perceived as distancing yourself from the toxic. the old. when it should mean remaining present. open. receptive. receptive to what is on the way.

A. Hymn || how i’ve learned not to fixate

your absence is not distance. you have simply traveled too far from home. sometimes you just need to return to yourself for a while. and sometimes you are not sure how long you will stay. and that is okay. your patience will bring you more strength. more courage. more spirit. to go further from the island than you could ever imagine. but only once you are ready to leave again. it is your journey. your paradise. your home.

A. Hymn || getaway

when the time is right
when the time comes
maybe one day we’ll be right
right for each other
right for the right love
one day
when the time comes

what goes up must come down
what drifts away must come round
the purpose traveled
can become lost in distance
looking for a path of peace
all in the conquest of love

when your journey together
ends with a fork in the road
you realize separation
was destiny all along
because love
although real
is not always forever
right now ours just isn’t the same

when the time is right
when the time comes
maybe one day we’ll be right
right for each other
right for the right love
one day
when the time comes

A. Hymn, When The Time Comes

We might never understand
No one’s there to hold your hand
Even heaven would agree sometimes
How this road gets, I’m losing focus
Choose to close and refuse my emotions
Reclusive invoking a suitable dosage
Of love, from you if you’re open
Scared to bruise, I’ve been broken
I want us to vibe and cruise – we’re an ocean
Congruence in flowing
But failed attempts, got me not used to that notion
Of belonging, so I hope you don’t abuse my devotion
Regret – it takes great virtue to disclose things
In pursuit to dispose guilt, and if I’m worth you
Would you notice?

The science of silence
Hear them over yourself
You speak but they’re deaf to your soul

Juxtapose our love up close
A friend too detached, the other afraid to attach
Corrupt but composed

With the mood right, right under the moonlight
Hope this vibe isn’t transient
As we hold and thrive in this ambiance
Coast and ride, we look glamorous
Can no one slight, we are absent in love

Lost and hampered by haze
Dampened by doubt
All we know is what’s happening now
Fascinated and fastened in

Finally coveted, at the cove
I made it but it’s just me
In need of some saving
Wake up abandoned and bated
I traveled but arrived further than myself
Feeling further than myself
Longing for her than myself
Nightdreaming a faceless peace
Not yet able to paint it
Not quite there, but I wait patiently

A. Hymn, Distance