when i search for balance
solitude is my fuel
living by self-love, pardon my creed
see i’d rather keep silent than to spar with my speech
closeted thoughts with my heart on my sleeve
but pain is progress, each scar is a seed
forward moving no matter how far i can’t see
resilience is hard to defeat when you’ve felt more
than you’ve ever seen
that’s why i channel everything to being a better me
a stroke of humility, rarely have i petted greed
give all that i can now and worry later about a pedigree
reliable most say they could bet on me
and if they can’t that’s a bet to me
do right then let it be
so when i search for balance
let me go then let me be

A. Hymn || 10/7/2016

when it comes to life
and all i thought i understood
i learned most things that looked good from far
are normally far from good

eyes set where the farthest stood
write and bleed everything an artist would
at a turning point of no return
doing anything a martyr could
counter full of ingredients
and yet it’s hard to cook

one step after the other…
i actually wonder
do these self-talks work?
beginning to see the world for what it is
for what it is worth i could tell you that love exists
in the people
their smiles
their gestures
and despite all the pressure
you are never truly lost at sea
you will always have the sun and moon
in fact
you are that bright
you are that beam
you are your hope
never forget that
never forget it

A. Hymn || checkpoint