i’ve proven to myself that i was right about you
yet here i am
pen to pad as i write about you
transient as you fade
i’ve lived a life without you
meanwhile you never truly leave even if i allowed you
it’s not like you to prefer to end things
maybe that’s what the universe intended
maybe that’s how it all plays out
separating the past from present
with many less words to say now

A. Hymn || acceptance

i suppose life can even make wise men fools
see i never once felt i could confide in you
maybe it’s the distance
maybe it’s a disconnect
but despite all the things that i’ve been through
i’ve got so many words to say
and it’s just myself that i write them to
while your actions make me reconsider what nice friends do

yet i reconsider love and second chances
just one more song to get a second dance in
hopefully once the music stops things will balance
maybe then thinking about you wouldn’t make me anxious
just know i don’t worry because i’m scared
i worry because i care

A. Hymn || just know