Feeling as if the universe
Is constantly taking
Yet something has to give
So please let me live, live, live
Let me live, live, live
Let me live, live, live
Please let me live

Feeling the growing pains as I let my heart bloom
Feeling defeated before I start
Searching for the light at the end of my struggles
Subtle in a dark room
Evolution into what I will be; how far is soon?
Seeming like ideals of myself are caricatures and cartoons
Standing in a pit of doubt with the stature of a tall fool
With number of voices in your head
How could destiny ever call you?
Go ahead and try to justify
Is your true nature just a lie?
Feeling like I lived through enough
But the pain won’t show
So I just look for another place to grow
An age-old soul
I could tell you everything they don’t know
Not everything goes away
Or else you would never stain your clothes
And if they do it explains why the quickest to leave
Will always stay so close
Feeling as if my life is on stage
Feeling as if to get by
I just need to perform
Feeling as if I am in need of reform
As I continue to live until my peace is reborn

Let me live, live, live
Let me live, live, live
Please let me live

A. Hymn || retribution

your absence is not distance. you have simply traveled too far from home. sometimes you just need to return to yourself for a while. and sometimes you are not sure how long you will stay. and that is okay. your patience will bring you more strength. more courage. more spirit. to go further from the island than you could ever imagine. but only once you are ready to leave again. it is your journey. your paradise. your home.

A. Hymn || getaway