sometimes i find myself wishing for retribution
then self-doubt turns around
forcing me to think i’ve met delusion
and with all that i’ve been through
i feel like the universe has a standard i can’t live to
taking me from myself, there’s just a presence i can’t give you
taking in tenfold
at times i want to give up
at times i want to make this hand fold
trust me when i say it’s just me
self-made, self-cared, self-loved
i just want someone to take over the wheel
there’s been so much love i’ve steered myself from
i don’t want my love to be seldom
i just want to be welcomed
without making an entrance
yet i see all those that i’ve touched and it’s senseless
i love them all
i don’t need the attention
i just don’t want this need to be endless

A. Hymn || a prayer

when moving into a new home
we become lost
imagining its layout
decorating, arranging, designing
our rooms with
mirrors, appliances
furniture, carpets
shelves, paintings

but what good is it all
if you don’t invite anyone inside?

if you don’t visit your neighbors?

so whenever you move in
just remember
not to get too comfortable
in your own skin

A. Hymn, Comfort