it’s less about where you run from
its more about about what you come from
another moment alone taking a close look
another page in my notebook
feeling planted where I stand
stuck between wishing for a caring hand
and redrawing my cards while thinking of a better hand
nothing else to do but prepare and plan
ready to take the dares they can’t

now here i am
admiring the places I’ve been
all the persistence
admiring the distance
still dreaming of the top
regardless of wind resistance
cold temperatures and sheer height
refusing to wake up everyday just to fear life
using all that I have left to make a clear right
because a chance is invaluable
when it comes to goals that might be
and if my passion ever comes off as light steam
i’ve got enough pressure to break through these pipe dreams
nothing they can do to ever dissuade
persevere until the doubt dissipates
persevere until the doubt evaporates
remaining thankful for all that I have today
gravitating to endeavors that matter
slow and steady
don’t worry about getting there faster
simply whow them you wouldn’t be happy to stop
you can’t steer an arrow after it’s shot
you will arrive

A. Hymn || trajectory