in order to evolve, you have to begin with perspective. many times we put ourselves through unnecessary growing pains because of how we interpret change. positivity. the moment you start to look at life as a perpetual integration of the new. choosing to look at things as a sacrifice. or a season. then you can change your tune to life’s rhythm. from one breath to another.

A. Hymn || life is made up of seasons not stops.

my belief always has and always will be in the individual. that the individual forms the people. that you compose the aggregate, not the aggregate composing you. this, to me, is forward-thinking. forward-thinking in the sense that if we wish to better ourselves and each other, individuality must be understood as a piece to the greater sum. realizing the potential for the greater sum. when you eat a cake, you’ll notice you can’t retrace or taste each grain of salt, sugar, or flour. they have all become a melange, something exponentially greater than its parts to be enjoyed. generalizations, stereotypes, biases, prejudices, labels, are what sets us in reverse;  i call it backward-thinking. the composition and preparation of a cake takes time, where each ingredient has a dynamic with another. the dynamic for us as people? understanding. compassion is the key.

A. Hymn || perspective iv

to be honest, i always felt that if you want to be treated and respected for who you are as a person, then you need to cut generalizations out of your diet. immediately. kindness, to me, equals transparency. i’d expect it in return, across the board. it’s not about seeing through people, it’s about seeing them.

we all want to be understood, right? that authentic me. well, the minute you let your assumptions determine how you interact with others, will be the same minute you strip them of their individuality. they will all fit in that one box you made. looking at them all under the same lens. labeling them all with the same tag.

it’s this blurry, foggy line that people get caught up in. it’s like what came first: their first impression, or your first assumption?

i don’t represent anyone else when you meet me. i have been diligently molded by me, emotionally crafted by myself. and i am still under construction.

i may be influenced by others…

but i am not others.

you are not them.

they are not you.

don’t ever be ashamed to live by that. don’t.

A. Hymn || perspective iii, i suppose i don’t believe in first impressions