late at night, tallying up the score
trying to understand life
trying to understand what love is for
thinking of all the people i’ve missed
all the feelings i should deplore
wondering what good is more?
accepting whatever happens
it’s been only me,┬áso i can only start with love
and i could never have less
when i live and still feel so much

i was caught up in the moment
but no longer too into it
knowing if it doesn’t hold onto me, don’t hold on to it
detach but learn to intuit
and once the pain stops
let the hurt give you movement
then only trust your words if you can prove them
new spaces, new pages
new graces, new ages
letting go gets better each day
because the memories stay
but the feelings that were meant to remain
will gently fade

in the end, blood dries
in the end, love dies
in the end, doves fly

A. Hymn || in the end

i’ve proven to myself that i was right about you
yet here i am
pen to pad as i write about you
transient as you fade
i’ve lived a life without you
meanwhile you never truly leave even if i allowed you
it’s not like you to prefer to end things
maybe that’s what the universe intended
maybe that’s how it all plays out
separating the past from present
with many less words to say now

A. Hymn || acceptance