tell me again
if the rain never stops
that you’ll still walk with me
tell me again
of all the things they couldn’t offer me
call for me
tell me again

tell me again
you can take your time and wait
because when it comes to love
time can wait
and when love comes to life
it is never late
a mixture between pleasure and fate
better days and if the weather ever changes
tell me again
that you could provide the shade
let me inscribe my page
as i describe my pain

tell me again
that if everything hurts
you won’t
tell me again

A. Hymn || tell me again

time could always escape us
but we’ll always be right here
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
but in the end
we’ll always be right here
right here

look around
the world is right where it should be
in our palms
and never on your shoulders
because we look better in control
so let’s spare what could be
and remain in song
while the night gets older

nothing could bring us to ruin
when our aloneness brings us closer
to love
to communion
see this is how supernovas come to be
and it may take light years
before they ever see your beauty
so far from the end
we’ll always be here
right here

even if time escapes us
we’ll always be right here
we’ll always be right here

A. Hymn || light years

in order to evolve, you have to begin with perspective. many times we put ourselves through unnecessary growing pains because of how we interpret change. positivity. the moment you start to look at life as a perpetual integration of the new. choosing to look at things as a sacrifice. or a season. then you can change your tune to life’s rhythm. from one breath to another.

A. Hymn || life is made up of seasons not stops.

They say we can only have a moment
Because of the ones before this
Everything I say
I want to feel
I want to own it
They say if a moment goes by in an instant
We’ve overlooked just how much it has given
That right now is the birth
More valuable than yesterday’s worth
So how could anything we ever say hurt
Because this moment can pass
But it could last us even longer
Have us laughing even harder
Yet you want to go back to tweak the outcome
Look at that
Looking back
Moments I wish I chose
Moments I wish I spoke
Moments I wish I rose
Moments I could have turned away
Were all necessary for me to turn this way
Where the only lesson learned is fate
That buying time is just another way to say
That we don’t want to be hurt today
See the window for love and life could not be more open
And at the same time constantly closing
We always say when the time is right
Well this is the right time
It shouldn’t feel like atonement
Picture your life in the night sky
How the stars have aligned
So when the heart wants to speak
And when your soul wants to live
Nothing compares
Nothing’s important
You’ve been living for this
So be in the moment

A. Hymn, Kairos