They say the best way to prove yourself wrong is to jump when you aren’t ready — and I believe that. Hesitation is finding yourself between two paths. There’s the path you are already on, and then there’s the path of uncertainty. Always remember there was once a time where you didn’t know where you’d end up. Always remember where you are as much as you remember where you came from. You are here only because you were once there. So jump.

A. Hymn || just go

I don’t know if home┬áreally exists
But it feels like I’m getting close
Close to home
It feels like I’m almost home

I always believed that inspiration will come
So welcome every set back
I’ve learned not to turn your back on the drawing board
Just keep going back to the drawing board
I’ll make sure to leave a message before calling it quits
Balling my fist
Balling up a list of regrets
Balling up a list of the things I forget
Holding onto the handful of wisdom I’ve attained over the years
Reminiscing over the tears
Reminiscing over my fears
How helping hands from others have me forever endeared
I look at how things could’ve happened
How I wouldn’t be here
How the things I can hardly imagine are pulling me near
Pulling me
Close to home
It feels like I’m almost home

The journey will always continue
Breath by breath
Step by step
It demands everything in you
It commands everything in you
Despite everything you’ve been through
It’s the reason you’re still around
You are getting close
You are almost home

A. Hymn || almost home